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No bait and switch here, I promise. FREE music is below to the right side. But if you picked up one of the albums for free and you liked it, please donate using the paypal link below to support future projects and fill hungry bellies. Or better yet, just buy one of the other albums, and that way, you get even more tunes AND support the music! Also, join the newsletter (or the street team) for exclusive updates and wonderful stuff! And like the facebook page for more free downloads:

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On the LEFT, you can stream and even buy the music--if you dig it and like supporting more music like it in the future. It's etter than using iTunes or Amazon, etc, because the artist gets more of the money you spend and you pay less. But you can still get it on iTunes or wherever if you really, really, really want to. On the RIGHT you can get Brion Riborn's other music for FREE, no strings attached (unless an email address is a string). You can even leave a tip if you're in a giving mood :-)

Info on the FREE music: (the stuff on the RIGHT above)

Where Shadows Lie: 10.13.08 A LOTR inspired song just in time for Halloween. Enjoy! Recorded with TyRock.

I Still Haven't Found The Silent Night: 12.24.08 Just in the nick of time for Christmas, a couple of popular tunes fused together in a way that addresses the madness of the holidays. We sing songs like 'Silent Night' but it seems there is no silence to be found anywhere. Perhaps we're looking in the wrong place...

Forgotten Memories (Auld Lang Syne): 12.31.08 Happy new year, friends. My spin on the classic song that rings in the new year. Use it at your party this year instead of the 'countdown ball'. Just hit play 10 seconds before midnight...

On Valentine's Day: 02.14.09 A song for the lovers and the loved... Those who mourn and those who rejoice. In the cold of winter, the green promise of spring is just beneath the frost. There is hope... This song is especially for the once closed, lost heart.

Winter's Last Stand: 03.20.09 A beam of sunlight breaks into the cold dark studio and inspires a song. Take that, groundhog.

Prison Break (All Things New): 04.12.09 What if it were true? Could it be that a man who committed no crime would serve the sentence of the true criminals? What if he destroyed the prison? Would you follow him to freedom? Recorded with Heatherlynn.

Gongs & Cymbals (Faith, Hope, Love): 06.02.09 Does there really have to be a holiday or special occasion in order to give out some free music? Is there any chance that the odds are in your favor and today is your lucky day? That brings up another interesting question: Chance, Odds, Luck (or) Faith, Hope Love? I could use a reminder.

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